Compressed Air Cylinder System for TeleDart Guns

Our new Compressed Air Cylinder System is an innovation for extreme animal control and care applications! This system allows a large number of shots, even at large distances. Additionally, the system is easily refillable and ecologically friendly. This system is a simple upgrade for demanding applications.

The system includes an empty refillable 200 bar compressed air cartridge, a refill adapter, and a special connecting adapter for the TeleDart pistol RD406 or gun RD706.

Advantages of our Compressed Air Cylinder System include all the following.

Endless Series of Shots – Without Icing

TeleDart Compressed Air System for GunsCompressed air loses only a little bit of heat during decompression. Because of this, icing of the TeleDart gun is nearly impossible. Even if you have to do a large series of shots, at long distances, your TeleDart gun or pistol is always fully operational.

Removable Pressure Cartridge

You can remove the pressure cartridge at any time, without losing pressure. The cartridge closes automatically, and the pressure inside remains steady.

Constant Shooting Results Even in Icy Cold Conditions

When using the TeleDart air pressure system, the shooting performance remains constant, even in icy cold weather conditions.

High Filling Pressure

You can fill up to 200 bar of pressure into the TeleDart compressed air cylinder cartridge. A filled cartridge produces up to five shots at the maximum distance.

Compressed Air Cylinder Cartridge is Infinitely Refillable

The TeleDart compressed air cylinder can be refilled as often as necessary. Reflling is conveniently available in diving shops, at your local fire department, with your own air pressure bottle, with a compressor, or with an airpump.

Ecologically Friendly – No Empty CO2 Cartridge Disposal

There is no need to throw away spent CO2 cartridges. A TeleDart air cylinder cartridge can be refilled and reused repeatedly.

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