About Us

TeleDart USA is the authorized dealer for TeleDart products and supplies in the United States.

Our large warehouse can provide you with prompt delivery of popular TeleDart products, such as blowpipes, pistols, and supplies.

TeleDart Produces Advanced Chemical Animal Capture Equipment

TeleDart is the producer of the most technologically advanced darting equipment available. We offer you high quality blowpipes, dart pistols, and dart guns, which are precision made in Germany.

Our Products Are Developed With Animal Care Experts

Professionals from universities, zoos, veterinary practices, agriculture and game reserves have shared their experience and advice with us in the development of our products.

The result is user-friendly and well-engineered products, which assure safe working, along with careful treatment of your animals.

We continue to innovate in our research – for the welfare of both man and beast.

TeleDart Products Meet High International Quality Standards

TeleDart works according to international quality standards, and has achieved DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 certification.

We Pride Ourselves on Top Customer Service

Customer service is the most important aspect of our business. Ask for our individual advice – before and after you order.