Your Partner for Remote Injection and Animal Care

TeleDart produces the most technologically advanced darting equipment available. We offer you high quality blowpipes, dart pistols, and dart guns. Precision made in Germany, all dart pistols and guns are covered by our 20-year warranty.

TeleDart Remote Injection Devices

TeleDart Provides Remote Injection Devices

TeleDart blowpipes let you safely perform animal immobilization and medical treatment, working from a distance. Learn more.

In addition to blowpipes, TeleDart manufactures a complete range of gun and pistols for remote injection and animal care. Learn more.TeleDart Remore Injection Supplies

TeleDart Provides Darts and Supplies

TeleDart needles fit almost all available dart syringes. We offer a wide range of different sizes, so you can find a suitable needle for all species. Learn more.

To complement our standard and high-performance blowpipes, and guns, we can also provide you with a variety of dart syringes to meet your needs. Learn more.


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